Sushma Swaraj

Ex Minister of External Affairs



A political career spanning 42 years, Sushma Swaraj through her long graceful career demonstrates the power of persistance in channeling change. Elected as a MLA from Ambala Cantonment at the age of 25 in 1977, Sushma Swaraj rose to the ranks of MP, CM, and ultimetaley holding charge of various high-profile Cabinet Ministeries.

Sushma Swaraj contested 11 direct elections from 4 states, winning twice as MLA and thrice as MP. She held various cabinet posts as state and national level, starting from the age of 25, and perfected and excelled in both her skills of electoral politics and public policy formulation.

Merely 4'11' in height, Sushma left a tall legacy of work, accolades, and titles behind her. Rather in the times of such extreme right-left divisions, Sushma though representing the nationalistic Hindu politics of BJP led with a moderate bipartisan grace.


1952: Born in Ambala Cantt to Hardev Sharma, a prominent RSS member. Educated BA in Sanskrit & Political Science and LLB from Punjab University

1975: Got married to fellow Supreme Court Advocate Swaraj Kaushal (who later became Governer of Mizoram from 1990-1993, and Rajya Sabha member from 1998 to 2004)

1977: At age 25, she won as MLA from Ambala Cantt and became youngest cabinet minister from Haryana holding Labor & Employment

1987: At age 35, again won as MLA from Ambala and became minister of Education, Food, and Civil supplies for Haryana

1990 : Age 38, Elected Member to Rajya Sabha

1996 : At age 44, became the MP from South Delhi in 11th Lok Sabha Elections

1998 : At age 46, resigned from Lok Sabha for a short stint as first female Chief Minister of Delhi

1999 : Lost the 13th Lok Sabha election from Bellary, Karnataka against Sonia Gandhi with only a  7% margin

2000 : Sushama (48) returned to Rajya Sabha, served as Minister of Minister for Information and Broadcasting and later asMinister of Health, Family Welfare and Parliamentary AffairsSushma to her credit set up 6 AIIMS in her short Health minister tenure

2009 : Now 57, and a seasoned politican Sushma won the Vidisha Constituency from Madhya Pradesh in 15th Lok Sabha election with the highest margin of 400,000 votes. She also served as the leader of opposition from 2009 to 2014

2014 : Sushma (62) won again in the 16th Lok Sabha when her party won a major victory and served as Minister of External Affairs, second woman to hold the position only after Indira Gandhi.

2019 : Died of Cardiac Arrest leaving behind a legacy of 67 year long poetry and politics filled life.


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