Mahua Moitra

MP from Krishnanagr Constituency, WB



All India Trinamool Congress

How many times is it repeated that politics is not the right place for an educated, civilised, high career individual, let alone an educated high career investment banker female. How often do we hear the narrative that Indian politics "is too dirty" "not a cup of tea" for young women, for english speaking women, and for opinionated women.

Well, Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar constituency from West Bengal, Mahua Moitra defies all those narratives. Beautiful, graceful, "foreign educated",  Moitra, VP of JP Morgan in London, moved back to India in 2008 and dived straight into politics.

She started local with the legislative assembly elections, and won 2016 West Bengal elections from Karimpur, a place with her ancestral roots and delivered public services work and development worth Rs. 150 crore.

Sooon in 2019, she garduated to Krishnanagar constitency in the Nadia district and built her mark in the Indian Politics with her articulate eloquent yet firebrand speeches in the Lok Sabha.

Whiteboard in Mahua Moitra's Election WarRoom, updated everyday, managed in investment banker style with method and punctuality.

In the course of mere two years, Mahua Moitra emerged as the AOC (eloquent lead Congresswomen from Bronx in the US House of Representatives) equivalent of India. Her Lok Sabha speeches usually go viral across social media platforms from Youtube to Twitter to Instagram, and she finds a huge resonance with the young educated Indian womxn who want to find a way to lead and create change in their country, state, or regional constituency but find various impediments.

As an economics and mathematics graduate of prestigious Mount Holyoke College from US, and a seasoned Investment Banker with JP Morgan in London, Mahua paves pathway for educated young women to find their roots back to their constituencies and provides a successful handbook for winning state as well as National level elections.

Leaving you with a thought, that just imagine if 50 Mahua's were present in the parliament today, eloquent, well educated, graceful, feminine, determined, maybe our parliament and country would have looked very different today. Maybe Mahua's presence and winning streak is a call out for countless educated women of the country to follow her pathways.


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