The Womxn Leaders Bootcamp

India's first & free bootcamp to build female political leaders of tomorrow.


Power-packed workshops & courses to kickstart the
political career for every Indian womxn.

Whether you want to become a local municipality leader, ward member, Panchayat head, or next Prime Minister of India -Womxn Leaders is here for you. We are empowering Indian womxn with the knowledge, resources, tools, network, help and opportunities they need to enter and excel in politics.


Learn first-hand from politically experienced leaders

Meet & learn from political role models & mentors who demonstrate that womxn can & should join politics. Get exposed to an array of elected leaders from the past and present.


Hands-on learning through projects & mock campaigns

Apply the theory & practice key skills — public speaking, fundraising, developing your pitch, gathering support, etc — through assignments & projects and get feedback from mentors.


A safe environment to discover & build connections

Find your own your unique leadership style and connect deeply with other womxn, alums & mentors and learn from their stories, mistakes and experiences.


Access a network of Womxn Leaders from India & abroad

Get direct access to a diverse but tight community of politically ambitious womxn, find mentors and participate in exclusive AMAs, workshops & interviews with top experts & politicians.


Get opportunities & grants to continue your growth

Get first-hand experience of how things work on the inside by finding relevant projects, internships, volunteering and work opportunities on research & campaign teams of existing leaders and political organisations.


Get in-house assistance with your first election campaign

Get strategic assistance, funds & the momentum you need to start building your candidature for an upcoming election you wish to contest in and win - whether local, state or national level.

Open to all womxn

We are agnostic to your economic background, your caste & your religion.


We are 100% neutral when it comes to ideology and are not biased towards any party.

LBGTQ friendly

We are pro-LGBTQ and believe that sexuality is your personal business.

Learn-by-doing with a modern curriculum

Designed & developed by renowned leaders & experts from different fields, the Womxn Leader's bootcamps are packed with the wisdom & experience of womxn leaders in Indian politics and covers the latest strategies, tools and best practices to save your time so that you nail it from the beginning.


Things you should have been taught in school, but weren't

  • The bureaucratic system of India - theory & reality.
  • Fundamentals of civics, political science, economics, etc
  • History, environment, health, education, etc.


Explore your curiosity around politics & fighting an election

  • Barriers to women in business and politics
  • Importance of gender parity
  • Local, state & national politics
  • Your unique path into politics
  • Electoral laws & nomination process

SELF Development

Learn what makes you unique & hone your leadership skills

  • Building confidence, public speaking, body language
  • Psychology of influencing people & opinions
  • How to interact with media & art of giving interviews


Doing the homework, gathering facts, data and intel

  • How to identify & decide which constituency should you contest from.
  • Methods to survey demographics, issues & understand local politics.
  • Gathering competition intelligence.
  • Mapping influential people & organizations that align with you & form coalitions.


Defining your north star, your why. And then what & how

  • Examining pressing issues voters care about.
  • Campaign styles, models & strategies.
  • Strategies for email, text and social media outreach
  • Budgeting your campaign & fund raising strategies.
  • Tear downs of successful & failed campaigns


Crafting your why into a noise-cutting viral message

  • Defining your values, building your story
  • Constructing your message & manifesto
  • Elevator & stump speeches.
  • Building a press kit, writing effective letters, emails, text messages, etc
  • Creating content for social media, viral print & video content, etc.


Learn how to build, nurture & rally your support group

  • The art and science of building a movement
  • How to find supporters & develop authentic relationships
  • Strategies for grassroots vs grasstops
  • Leveraging power of technology to tracking campaign engagement, interest, etc.
  • Getting your campaign in the press


Executing your plans and giving it your best shot

  • Define realistic goals and timeline.
  • Putting systems & people in place for management
  • Reaching out to voters & practicing the art of compassionate listening.
  • Connect with relevant reporters and get media coverage.
  • Measures to protect yourself physically & online.

After Election

Setting expectations & preparing for your next move

  • Addressing & retaining your supporters & voters if you lose.
  • If you win, how to be an effective public servant
  • Productivity and office management
  • Continuing advocacy for gender parity
  • Becoming a effective Womxn Leader.

Learn from experienced politicians & campaign experts

You will be learning from an eclectic group of mentors with first-hand political experience or have worked in the political space for most of their careers. You will feel inspired, challenged & empowered by them.

You can't put a price on revolution.

Our bootcamps are 100% free of charge for every 18+ Indian womxn. All thanks to our sponsors who believe in our mission, we are able to level the playing ground & make these bootcamps financially accessible to everyone.

Is the bootcamp right for me?

This bootcamp is for any Indian womxn who is considering a political career for themselves — now, or in the future. Whether you are just exploring if politics is your cup of tea, or considering contesting in the next local election - we are confident that the bootcamp will help you inform your decision of getting into politics as well as help you build a strong framework for your political career.

Students & Graduates

There is no better time in Indian history than today for the youth to get into politics & drive the change. The younger you are, the more chances you get. Capitalize on the lead time you have on hand through this bootcamp.

Working Womxn

You already manage your home, your work, and a million other things. You will feel right at home with politics on your plate. Meet other like-minded women, grow your network through our bootcamp & make a strong head start.

LGBTQ People

We have all celebrated the recent success of the LGBTQ movement, but a lot more needs to be done. You want to accelerate the change and the only way is to do that is by getting on the inside. The bootcamp is here to open the doors of opportunity for you.

Community Leaders

You have experience & credibility as a leader but feel limited in your reach & potential working outside the system. This bootcamp will give you the tools and the means to get inside the system to scale your ability to do good.

Upcoming Bootcamps

Our bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly which is why we open up months in advance. And we purposefully limit class sizes to ensure each bootcamp offers a personal learning & growth experience.

Your Path into Politics Webinar

Oct 25, 2020 9 AM

2 hour long


Winter Bootcamp

Nov 12, 2021

3 months

Residential Bootcamp


You only need to apply once, invites to bootcamps are sent on rolling basis. We will keep you updated about upcoming bootcamps and programs. Please take your time in filling out the application so we can get to know you better.


Get in touch with us at or send us a message on our social media handles.

I'm under 18, can I still join?

You can volunteer with Womxn Leaders in various roles from content writing to social media management to even interning with current womxn leaders. However, we advice you opt for bootcamp around the age of 25, which is the minimum age requirement for both MP, MLA, and local governance positions in India.

I work for a party, is that a problem?

Nope. Womxn Leaders is a party and ideology agnostic platform. As long as you identify as a womxn, we are here to enable you to advance ahead in your party, local governance, social stature, and political career. Our goal is to build 29% female representation in politics by 2029, irrespective of party, state, religion, ideology, or aspect.

Does the bootcamp guarantee winning an election?

Elections are a democratic selection process whereby people of a community/constituency elect their representative leader. Womxn Leaders Bootcamp prepare you to run for elections and provide you resources needed to present a good fight. But winning is based on the will of the people and your candidature.

What language is used to teach?

Bootcamps will be held in English in 2021, but starting of 2022, bootcamps will be available online as well as offline in Hindi and other regional languages. All Womxn Leaders Bootcamps are free, however there is a rigorous selection procedure. The primary criteria for selection is your seriousness to contest in elections.