Womxn are 50% of the global population. Yet less than 9% of global Political Leaders

But one candidate, one election, one political leader, one decision maker, can change this all. And that one womxn is you.

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Enough of us don’t win because enough of us don't run.

Womxn Leaders is an ideology or party agnostic organization to bring all resources and tools to kickstart female political careers and help along every step of the way.


Tap into a global network of womxn leaders & influencers as your supporters, advisors, and mentors.


Access knowledge, tools and resources - you need to start and succeed in your political journey.


Volunteer, intern, or work with existing womxn leaders - MPs, MLAs, Panchayat heads and get first-hand experience.


Get professional help with your campaign, funding, operations and more to fight & win your first election.


Get mentored by experienced political consultants and campaign experts who have been there & done that.


Join online and offline (post covid) events and bootcamps designed to make you an elected representative of your constituency,

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Dear Womxn,

We are roughly 50% of the population, yet form a minority 9% of elected representative of Indian Political System.

There has been no better time in history to have an impact at such a scale as today. With over 3,00,000 elected positions in India, you need just one to make a difference.

Why the x in womxn?

Womxn includes all women, even those who are not recognized by the society or the law. Trans, intersex, non-binary to name a few. The X is purely symbolic. Womxn sounds exactly like women. Try it. Say womxn. wu·muhn. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of stereotypes shattering

Our mission is to drive the womxn representation in elected positions in India to 29% by 2029.

Start your political journey with our power-packed & free bootcamps for the Indian womxn. We promise you - you'd leave feeling confident, capable & connected.


PS. If fighting an election is not your cup of tea, you can still contribute by joining us.

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